Efficient Website Management: How Business Automation Boosts Profits and Saves Time on Routine Tasks and Accounting Issues
How does business automation impact website management, company efficiency, and profitability? Are there benefits to automating routine tasks and client accounting? Who is it primarily suited for? We offer an examination of real-life cases that demonstrate the transformative changes automation brings to business operations and client management.
Daniil Shpara and Nikolai Zharkikh
February 01, 2024 — reading time of 12 minutes
business automation increases profits and saves time
  • Are your employees spending too much time on manual, routine work?
  • Do your managers get confused and struggle with client accounting on paper or in Excel spreadsheets?
  • Can't implement updates or new technologies and functionalities in your project?
  • Are developers constantly missing deadlines? You pay, but the site is still not ready?
  • Does no one want to improve your website system?

If you face one or several of these problems, don't despair! Improving employee work quality, enhancing website productivity, and saving money is possible! Business automation and effective website management can help.

What is business automation in simple terms?
It's the use of software to synchronize a wide range of tasks between managers, the website, the sales department, and other employees. It includes updating content, managing transactions and order forms, customer support, data entry, and reporting. Business automation simplifies work, saves time, and eliminates human error.

Who is business automation suitable for?

  • Medium business owners. For effective management of tasks such as inventory, billing, and customer service.
  • Large corporations. To solve complex tasks like data analysis, customer relationship management, and supply chain management.
  • E-commerce platform owners. For processing orders, tracking shipments, and handling customer inquiries.
  • Marketing professionals. To automate campaigns, social media posts, and lead tracking.
  • Startups and those building a business from scratch.

In essence, business automation and website management can be beneficial for anyone who wants to optimize their work, increase efficiency, and save time on routine processes.

According to a survey conducted by MIT Sloan, over 91.5% of company executives believe that digital technologies can fundamentally change work methods. More than 55% have already implemented automated systems to enhance business efficiency. What about you?

What results will business automation bring?

Creating a simple and understandable system tailored to your business needs will:
  • Automate and speed up routine tasks previously done manually;
  • Eliminate data loss or confusion;
  • Help efficiently manage any number of employees/orders, process more clients in a shorter time;
  • Simplify reporting and accounting;
  • Save your budget by eliminating errors associated with labor-intensive manual work;
  • Increase profits by boosting productivity.

What's better: standard, customized, or a completely new automated system?

CMS или написанная с нуля автоматизированная систем
  • Standard. Quickly implemented with standard solutions but limited in settings. May include unnecessary functions, not meet your specific needs, or not integrate with existing systems.
  • Customized. Can be modified according to your business features and work with existing systems. User functions may have errors that need regular fixing.
  • Fully individual. Created in full accordance with your needs. Allows adding unique functions that give you a competitive advantage. Stable, uninterrupted operation.

So, what to choose? A standard system can be a temporary solution for launching a project, but for taking your business to the next level, it's better to order the creation of a simple, understandable, but unique system tailored to specific client needs. Of course, you can try to combine the built-in functions of an existing CRM with pieces of unique code. However, this often results in a patchwork solution that constantly requires refinement and maintenance.

Cases + Reviews

Development and Promotion of the Real Estate Portal bolgarskiydom.com

Initial Situation

A real estate agency in Bulgaria with an enterprising director and hardworking employees. The old website was not optimized for search engines and was under various filters. A new website with more flexible promotion tools was needed.


Develop a new website, transfer the real estate catalog, automate application processing for managers, maintain current search engine visibility, and get out from under filters. Develop new sections on the site to attract a new target audience.

Work Done

Developed a catalog containing the most important characteristics for all types of real estate. Created separate landing pages for each target audience with individually selected properties. Target audience collected through forms on landing and specific property pages. Each potential client's application is registered in the CRM system, where client work is tracked, offer generation is automated, etc. This allows project managers to work individually with each client.


Used caching systems for uninterrupted operation under high traffic. Integrated with AmoCRM for client flow control. Implemented Telegram API integration for publishing new offers in the channel. The project expanded to 5 separate language directions, requiring content translation automation. Implemented SPAM filtering.


The project attracts the target audience, operates 24/7 and quickly even under high traffic, expanded from one to five languages, and has many happy owners of apartments and houses in Bulgaria from Europe and the CIS.


The project was developed in just a few months, but thanks to automated systems and competent SEO promotion, it has been achieving its main goal for over 10 years — attracting new clients.

Development of the Online Store for Glasses and Branded Optics stockoptika.ru

Initial Situation

There was only a salon selling branded sunglasses and vision glasses in Moscow, undergoing final renovation works.


Required a website for selling products online and attracting potential customers to the store.

Work Done

A mobile-first solution for the online store was most suitable, based on statistics of mobile device usage for visiting websites. The product catalog was adapted to customer needs. Each product contains necessary parameters for filtering and easy searching. Special attention was given to landing pages for specific brands and directions.


Processing and resizing images for different browsers and resolutions. Integrated with "My Warehouse" for inventory management and current pricing. One pair of glasses - several sizes. It was decided to create only one product card for one pair of glasses. The selected size was a separate parameter in the shopping cart.


In a few months, an internet store was created and launched, attracting the target audience through competent SEO promotion. The site operates quickly, around the clock, and is adapted to customer needs. Hundreds of new, happy owners of branded optics every month.

Successful Launch of the Cryptocurrency Exchange RiseX from Scratch in Just 7 Months!!!

Initial Situation

The project was a blank slate. A large team of developers with various profiles was assembled. Discussed the project's goals, approximate launch timelines, and necessary functionality with the client.


To launch a service for buying and selling cryptocurrency for real money within 6-7 months, interacting with various platforms and systems where people store their funds.

Work Done

For the launch, the following modules were developed: ads, deals, user management, and balance management. Also, the administration system was developed and configured.

After the launch, work continued on process optimization. Development of additional modules began, enhancing the security of transactions from both technical and human perspectives.

To ensure uninterrupted and fast trading for professional traders, a dedicated address for creating deals was created. For such a deal, the trader doesn't need to choose an ad themselves; the system will do it for them. It ensures correctness, competitiveness, and increases the likelihood of closing the deal quickly.


  • Since this is a technical financing area, a lot of time was devoted to organizing the financial balance and atomic operations (control of transferring funds from one user to another).
  • Security issues - logging, tracking user IPs (where they logged in, when they logged out), setting up two-factor authentication.
  • For those who traded with bots and couldn't use two-factor authentication, a private key was created to give the bot access.
  • Complex interaction with the application responsible for blockchain transactions was established. Implemented a mechanism for distributed transactions between two microservices.


  • All goals set by the clients were achieved - the service is operational.
  • It immediately began attracting clients.
  • Managed to attract major partners in a short time.
  • Funds were raised for future investments.

Conclusions about the work done

Within a moderate budget and just 7 months, a product was launched that generates profit and continues to develop.

About Our Team and Approach to Work

In the team:
  • Frontend developers
  • Backend developers
  • QA specialists
  • UX/UI designers
Approach to work:
  • We work closely with the client to understand the project's goal, launch timelines, and necessary functionality.
  • We prepare an action plan involving key members of our team.
  • We determine timelines for each coding stage.
  • We implement and configure the developed system for uninterrupted operation. If necessary, we maintain it and add new functionality.

Are your employees spending countless hours on routine tasks and unable to efficiently manage client accounts? Of course, you can change the staff or leave everything as it is. Or you can sign up for a free consultation and site audit to take it to a new level of automation and income! Don't let established processes and habits hold you back. Take the first step towards increasing profits and business efficiency today!

The choice is yours — to stop, give up, or achieve success with the help of business automation!