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Webdelo offers comprehensive digital marketing to grow your business online. As business owners ourselves, we understand the needs of our clients and how to effectively achieve results.

Digital Marketing for All Types of Business

Marketing for Honest Businesses:

  • Real Estate (rental, sales);
  • Service industry (especially dentistry, medical centers);
  • E-commerce (wholesale, retail trade);
  • Education and courses;
  • Leisure.

We do not work with industries such as: adult content, casinos, fortune-telling, etc.

Digital Marketing for Real Estate

Over 7 real estate projects in 9 countries.

Promoting a business for renting or selling real estate is one of the most competitive areas. We have our approach and web applications to develop a large internet portal and automate business. We also offer additional services: social media promotion, Google Maps, review site promotion, allowing you to focus only on your work.

One of our cases is the promotion of the real estate agency "Bulgarian House." One of the technologies we implemented is language targeting on subdomains with a focus on attracting potential clients from European countries. Link to the detailed case below.

Example of our work
Digital marketing

Marketing for Dental Websites

This includes over 18 projects in 2 continents. Ordered: comprehensive promotion (SEO + Ads) We are well-versed in the dental industry, understanding the nuances of all procedures and technologies. We know how to convey triggers and their solutions:

  • When promoting on social media,
  • Setting up Google Maps,
  • Optimizing website pages
  • Using advertising tools.

We develop video content for social media and the site – we visit dental offices to capture the working process, interviews with dentists, and equipment.

Example of our work
Digital marketing

Marketing for eCommerce

Over 30 e-commerce websites in 15 years. Ordered: comprehensive promotion (SEO + Ads)

Each product has its peculiarities and its buyer. For its promotion, you need specialists who have experience in selling similar products. We dedicate enough time to researching the product and choose sales channels that really work. We pay attention to the quality of the product card on the website – photos, benefits block, description, reviews, FAQs. If necessary, we conduct a photo session and a video review of the product.

Example of our work
Digital marketing
Daniil Shpara
Team Lead
Experience in IT over 12 years
Daniil Shpara
Daniil Shpara

Reasons to Order Digital Marketing

Here are a few reasons to consider this service:

  • Your website is not generating revenue.
  • You are not getting visitors on the website.
  • You have website visitors, but no orders.
  • Comprehensive promotion (Google Organic + social networks + other sales channels).

Our Digital Marketing Process

Marketing Research

Introduction to your business, product, and specialists. Identification of a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Brief interview with a business representative to define key tasks for our marketing specialists.

Target Audience Research

We explore the target audience to understand their needs, behavior, decision-making processes, and the advantages your company can offer.

Marketing Strategy Development

Creation of an action plan based on the analysis of the audience and competitors.

It includes selecting marketing channels, tactics to achieve brand goals.

Implementation of Marketing Campaigns

Execution of planned marketing actions, including content creation, launching ad campaigns, social media management, other activities.

Analytics and Results Evaluation

Collecting and analyzing data on the performance of marketing campaigns to assess effectiveness and adjust the strategy.

Working on website conversion – identifying effective pages and capture blocks, scaling effective solutions to other pages.

Ready for SEO promotion

We not only create, but also bring websites to the TOP of Google results.

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Andrei Jumatii
Tech Lead
Over 17 years of experience in IT.
Andrei Jumatii
Andrei Jumatii

About Our Digital Marketing

We offer a full range of digital marketing services – from website optimization to creating effective advertising campaigns. You deserve valuable traffic that is interested in your services.

Our achievements

  • In business since 2008
  • Rated as one of the top 7 SEO companies (according to
  • +5000 seo аudits
  • +130 successful projects
  • >30 internet stores
  • +30% growth in sales


Digital Marketing According to Modern Standards

Analytics Tools

Analyze keyword frequency and trends. Use data from search engines and third-party services. Evaluate campaign performance, user behavior, and conversion.

Digital marketing


Utilize AI for task automation, data analysis, creating stop-word lists, and predicting stop words.

Digital marketing

SEO Services

Use SemRush, Ahrefs to research your competitors, find missing semantics, and analyze competitors' marketing strategies.

Digital marketing

Call Tracking

Track the effectiveness of traffic sources. Necessary for reallocating budgets to more effective traffic channels.

Digital marketing

What Will I Get from Collaboration


What are the main pros and cons of paid online advertising?
Paid advertising provides quick traffic and precise targeting but may require significant budgets and does not guarantee organic results.
What is A/B testing?
A/B testing compares two or more variants of content/design to determine which is more effective in achieving campaign goals.
How are tools selected for a marketing campaign?
Tool selection depends on goals, target audience, budget, and campaign type. Consider tool functionality, alignment with business objectives, and ease of use. Market research and testing several tools are recommended for choosing the most suitable one.
Which traffic source channels should I choose?
Channel selection depends on your business type, target audience, and budget. Analyze where your target audience is, and choose channels that will most effectively reach your audience. This may include search engines (SEO, PPC), social media, email marketing, content marketing, website advertising, and other channels based on your goals and strategy.
How can mobile marketing be used in a digital strategy?
Mobile marketing includes optimizing websites for mobile devices, developing apps, SMS marketing, advertising in mobile apps, and more.
Which social media platforms are most effective for business and why?
It depends on the brand's target audience. For example, Facebook is good for a broad audience, LinkedIn for B2B, and Instagram for visual content and younger audiences.

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