Webdelo is a SEO agency that specializes in bringing in organic traffic to your business, and increasing the number of inquiries from your website. We employ a personalized approach, delving into the specifics of your business to deliver maximum benefits. This type of promotion yields long-term results and a cascading effect.

SEO Optimization for Various Business Niches

Key business niches:

  • Real estate (rental and sales)
  • Service sector (especially dentistry and medical centers)
  • E-commerce (wholesale and retail trade)

We do not work with niches such as adult content, casinos, fortune-telling, etc.

Real Estate Websites - SEO Optimization

7 real estate projects in 9 countries (Spain, Greece, Russia, USA, Bulgaria, Poland, Israel, Ukraine, Italy).

We have been promoting real estate websites for over 10 years. During this time, we even developed and successfully implemented our own rental aggregator – VPUT – in the market.

Additionally, we continue to promote and support highly competitive real estate sales projects in Europe. For real estate websites, we have developed a unique approach to implementing effective SEO site architecture, combining commercial factors with quick indexing of property pages.

Example of our work

Dentistry Websites - SEO Optimization

18 projects in 2 continents. These include the most competitive cities and regions in the world (Miami, New York, Manhattan, Moscow, St. Petersburg).

Our team includes copywriters with extensive experience in writing dental content. Thanks to this, we seamlessly incorporate SEO keywords and thematic words. We understand the significance of EEAT and how to implement it on medical websites. We offer comprehensive promotion – working with Google Maps, setting up advertising, and optimizing social networks.

Example of our work

eCommerce - SEO Optimization

30 e-commerce websites in 15 years.

For successful e-commerce website promotion, we pay significant attention to technical site optimization. This includes categorization and hierarchy of product cards, internal linking, and filtering. We implement categories and subcategories for organic promotion. We enhance product cards to showcase the product's advantages fully and attract users.

Example of our work
Daniil Shpara
Team Lead
Experience in IT over 12 years
Daniil Shpara
Daniil Shpara

Why is SEO crucial for your business?

Are you experiencing the following patterns?

  • Your website is not generating revenue.
  • You're not receiving orders through your website.
  • Website traffic has significantly decreased.
  • You want to expand into other markets.

Our SEO Marketing Process

Website Analysis

We want to know everything about your website, product, specialists, and business – the good and the bad. This is a crucial first step that helps our SEO team formulate the right promotion strategy. We conduct a technical analysis of the website and assess its CMS capabilities. We delve into the history of past work on the project and domain.

Project Planning

We create a work plan and commence its implementation. We request the necessary accesses, assist in hosting extension, certificate renewal, check the functionality of feedback forms, and configure hosting performance tracking. The work plan includes fixing technical errors, competitor analysis, content planning (including improving landing pages), building the link profile, optimizing the Google Maps listing, and launching PPC advertising campaigns


We compile monthly reports on the work done and successes achieved. We outline which goals have been reached and set plans for the next month.

Ready for SEO promotion

We not only create, but also bring websites to the TOP of Google results.

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Andrei Jumatii
Tech Lead
Experience in IT over 17 years
Andrei Jumatii
Andrei Jumatii

Our SEO Department

We are dedicated to the success of your business, focusing on long-term collaboration. We enjoy finding solutions to complex situations and celebrating successes with our clients. We immerse ourselves deeply in each project we undertake, consistently delivering high-quality work.


SEO According to Modern Standards

Reports from Google Search Console, Google Analytics

Monitoring page effectiveness, forming recommendations based on Google data, and implementing them on the website.


SEO Services

Utilizing additional services to complement Google statistics. Working with market leaders such as SemRush and Ahrefs to research your competitors.



Identifying website loading speed issues and addressing them whenever possible.


Pre-rendering of JavaScript websites

Checking the correctness of SSR operation and the presence of necessary elements in the page code. Using the flexibility of JavaScript + SSR to deliver everything to the user and only what's necessary to the bot.



Employing AI for task automation and data analysis. Testing new tools that provide us with additional capabilities.


Call Tracking

Tracking the effectiveness of traffic sources and precisely identifying which channels should be strengthened.


What Can You Expect?


What is SEO?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of a website to improve its positions on Google search. Optimizing company profiles on Google Maps, Yelp, and social networks is not included in the concept of SEO. However, we recommend a comprehensive approach.
Is a good website necessary for SEO optimization?
Yes, a good website automates business processes, engages users in interacting with the site, and draws attention to the product.
What factors influence rankings in search engines?
Quality of content, backlink profile, site structure, loading speed, mobile optimization, and social signals.
How does mobile optimization affect SEO?
Mobile optimization is important to meet search engine requirements and ensure ease of use on mobile devices.
What is the significance of site loading speed for SEO?
Fast site loading is crucial, as search engines prefer sites with good performance, enhancing the user experience.
How do social signals impact SEO?
Social signals, such as likes, shares, and comments on social networks, can influence rankings in search engines. Therefore, we recommend comprehensive promotion: managing social networks and Google Maps.
How to assess the effectiveness of an SEO strategy?
Measure organic traffic, keyword rankings, conversions, bounce rates, and time spent on the site.

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